Our current developing project is a HTML5 Canvas game, you can play in Lobbies up to 8 Players on our server in Europe and America.



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  • Florian Winkler

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Hoisting in JavaScript

  • 12. January, 2016
  • Getkey

A man, on a interesting journey, invites you to join him discovering the mythical and marvelous world of coding

About us


Our team consists of two (motivated) young guys that share the passion of programming. We met each other while gaming and started to develop a JavaScript game in May 2015. Since we live in different countries within Europe (Germany and France), you can describe everything we do with: french elegance and german functionality

The name of our group was choosen because of three aspects. First of "Cordonbleu" is a french food and pretty typical, it's ought to stand for France. The "K" at the beginning represents Germany or rather the german influence on the team since german nouns start with "K" instead of "C" most of the time. And finally the word ends with "EU" which is the abbrevation of the European Union or Europe itself, which underpins the previous statements.


Fju: flowi(аt)outlook.com
Getkey: getkey(аt)gmx.fr

Also check us out on Github